In the summer of 2012 a group of six "school mates"  from the Graduating Classes of 1985 and 1986 met informally at the invitation of Ann Marie Brutus(nee Clarke '85), Sophia Garriques (nee Robinson '85) Natalie Spencer ('85),  Nicole Blair ('85), Erica Johnson ('85), Marilyn Mathis (nee Marsh '86) and Novelette Hart (nee Graham '85). Though small in number, the enthusiasm of that group was infectious  and from that informal beginning, the ladies began meeting via conference calls to establish a new international chapter  to include all ladies who lived around the globe to offer an alumnae community to collectively support ladies around the world who didn't have a local chapter to connect with. Out of that insight  the International Chapter grew and was inaugurated in the February of 2015  The ladies  received tremendous support from the Toronto Chapter to kick off the establishment of the new chapter.   A kickoff introduction of the chapter was made in Niagara Falls Canada in 2014 hosted by the Toronto Chapter.  In 2015 the legal aspect was completed to secure the chapter as a 501(c) Non Profit Organization.  This inauguration date allowed the ladies to all attend the Hall of Fame 2015 representing the class of 85 and the chapter. Our current membership  is steadily growing consisting  of a diverse group of alumnae graduating classes from the 1980's.